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Audition notice for Spring production

We are delighted to confirm our next production will be Around the World in 80 Days, directed by Ruth Ahmed.

The story follows the adventures of the fabulously wealthy Victorian gentleman Phileas Fogg as he wagers his life's fortune that he can circumnavigate the globe in just eighty days.

This exciting ensemble piece has over 50 characters to be played by a cast of 8-12 people so lots of opportunities for men and women of all ages.

There are 4 main roles with the rest of the characters being played by the ensemble:

Phileas Fogg - a wealthy Englishman, very posh and particular in his habits - Male age 35 - 55

Passepartout - Fogg's quirky valet, a French ex circus performer - male or female no particular age

Detective Fix - a stuffy detective from Scotland Yard who believes Fogg is a bank robber - male 40-60

Mrs Auoda - a beautiful Indian woman who is rescued by Fogg on his journey - female 25 - 50 (depending on age of Fogg)

The auditions will take place from 7:30 pm on Monday 6 February at the Shottermill Club.

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