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Nell Gwynn

by Jessica Swale

Nell Gwynn: Naomi Robertson. You can't keep a good girl down. Naomi will be bringing all her renowned sparkle and personality to 17th century London

King Charles II: Richard Weller. It's two monarchs in a row for Richard having been a rather more diffident King Wally the Won't in "Puss in Boots"

Charles Hart: Ed Glass. We are delighted to welcome Ed making his debut for the Thespians

Thomas Killigrew: David Greenwood. Running a theatre company was possibly even more challenging 400 years ago than today. It's a good thing David's in charge.

Edward Kynaston:  Matt Fowler.  Following his excellent performances in "84 Charing Cross Road" and "After Magritte", Matt is back to entertain us all.

Rose Gwynn: Kim Seymour. After an intense period of directing and choreography for a number of local societies, it is wonderful to have Kim back on stage.

Nancy: Sally Waghorn.  Sally fulfils multiple roles for the Thespians both in the public eye and behind the scenes and it's great to also have her back on stage.

Lady Castlemaine: Joanna Weller. Having had great success in "Ladies Day" in 2019, Joanna will be showing an altogether different side.

Queen Catherine: Helen Phillips. Having sung and danced her way through Panto, Helen's more regal air is on display tonight. 

John Dryden: Mike Byrne. From hapless would be villain to thoughtful playwright, nothing is too much for Mike.

Ned Spiggett: Toby Milton.  Another debutant for the Thespians. Welcome Toby, we hope you enjoy the experience.

Louise de Keroualle: Helen Phillips. Two appearances in one night for multi-talented Helen who now gets to regale us all in French. Fancy!

Old Ma Gwynn: Jude Perrett. Following a short but devastating appearance in "84 Charing Cross Road", Jude is back to shake us all up again.

William: Eric Collins. The glue that holds us all together! What would we do without him?

Director: Adrian Stent. Following his enormous success as Director of "Evita" for the Haslemere Players, Adrian is making his directorial debut for the Thespians in suitably bodice ripping style.

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Jack & The Beanstalk

Jack: Gemma Bowles. Our favourite thigh slapping principal boy is back in the shorty shorts and ready to save the day again.

Simple Simon: Naomi Robertson. Fresh from playing the title role in "Nell Gwynn", Naomi will be entertaining everyone in Old Windy Bottom.

Dame Dotty Dimple: Tony Creasey. There's certainly no one like this Dame as the greatest of them all returns once again.

Piccalilli the Witch: Linnet Bird. Boo and hiss all you like, our Linnet is made of truly horrible stuff - when the part demands of course.

Sugardust the Fairy: Helen Phillips: One half of the Babs and Betty double act in our last panto is back, this time brandishing a wand.


Rancid the Ratman: Adrian Stent. Rancid by name, rancid by.... oh you get the gist. Get those boos ready boys and girls.


King Crumble: Howard Bicknell. Regal, poised and statesmanlike. Just three words never used to describe our muddle headed monarch.


Queen Apricot: Vicky Gavin. Stand by everyone, the queen is on the march and no one gets the better of this right on the money Royal.


Princess Charlotte: Hannah Lucas. A very big welcome to Hannah making her first ever appearance in Panto. Not the last we'll warrant.


Snatchett: Mike Byrne. Uh oh, here comes trouble. As long as he doesn't have his partner in crime with him, we should be alright.

Scarper: Rob Lloyd. Oh dear! A welcome return for Rob following his appearance as an (extremely) ugly sister in 2019's Cinderella.

Giant Buster Gut-Bucket: Rob Thrower. Yikes! The Giant isn't happy and everyone is going to know about it.

Humphrey: Jasper Gammon. Looking after the King & Queen is nobody's idea of fun but surely nothing can go wrong. Can it?

Magic Harp: Ant Roy. Another debutant, not only to Panto but to the Thespians. Hope you enjoy it Ant.

Buttercup: Front - Kim Seymour Back - Debbie Impiazzi. We're looking forward to a truly mooving performance ladies. Don't let anyone tell you udderwise.

Chorus: Rob Thrower, Jasper Gammon, Ant Roy, Eric Collins, Matt Fowler, Tom Burke, Debbie Bowyer, Robyn Davies, Ana Ochoa-Fagan, Debra Allen, Ingrid Collins.

Junior Chorus: To be announced.

Director: Sally Waghorn. Is there nothing she can't do?  Fresh from directing  Just What The Doctor Ordered! and appearing in Nell Gwynn, Sally is back in the saddle with a true Panto classic.