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Countdown to Panto: 3 days to go

Once upon a time in a parallel universe far, far away, Anna Webb took part in The Monologues That Dared To Say Their Name Very Loudly Indeed. And now we are delighted to say that she is back, wand in hand as Sugardust the Fairy in Jack & the Beanstalk which opens on Friday. You won't mix the scripts up, will you Anna?!?

Let some stardust into your life by coming to one of our performances of Jack & the Beanstalk at Haslemere Hall. We will be performing at various times from Friday 14 to Saturday 22 January and tickets are on sale now so don't delay phone the Box Office on 01428 642161 or follow the link to get yours Please note that the scheduled performance on Thursday 20 will not take place but don't worry, you still have eight other shows to choose from.

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