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Getting set for Panto

Nestled in a corner of a car park in Haslemere is a building where the magic happens. Where sets are designed, built and painted. Where costumes are made, repaired and allocated. And where vast amounts of tea are consumed. Allegedly.

None of this happens by chance and this is where a veritable army of volunteers (dubbed "the pixies" by one of their number) give their time over many weeks and months to enable our shows to go ahead. This week, it was time for a periodic clean up and tidy round to ensure that all is shipshape for Panto preparations. Pixies, we salute you.

To see more about the many opportunities to take part in putting on our shows, go to the Get Involved page. We always welcome new people in any capacity so do contact us if you would like to know more. Pixie hats are optional.

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