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Haydn? Biden? Poseidon? What rhymes with Dryden?

6 DAYS TO GO. John Dryden is one of the finest playwrights of the age. Granted, some of his plots may seem a little familiar and his rhyming skills aren’t always spot on but when the ladies at the Playhouse are looking for a little “Boom!” his trusty quill can always be relied upon. None of this however makes theatre manager Thomas Killigrew at all happy. The King is demanding a new production and time is running out. Young Ned meanwhile finds the whole thing hilarious. Perhaps he’s thinking of previous events in Coventry.

To get some “Boom” for yourself, book your tickets for “Nell Gwynn” at Haslemere Hall on Thursday 30 September to Saturday 2 October at 7:30 pm with an additional matinee performance at 2:30 pm on the Saturday by following this link

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