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Some wonderful performers have appeared in Hay Fever over the years....

.....and now we are delighted to announce our own tremendous cast.

Judith Bliss Polly Vaissière

David Bliss Richard Weller

Sorel Bliss Naomi Robertson

Simon Bliss Zac Rasulian

Sandy Tyrell Tom Parrott

Jackie Coryton Maddie Chambers

Richard Greatham Ed Glass

Myra Arundel Caroline Thompson

Clara Clare Nisbet

The auditions for “Hay Fever” on Wednesday 17th May comprised two hours of high quality. After much discussion, the audition panel decided on this cast. Those who did not get a part may be disappointed but it was not because they did not impress. Everyone who auditioned demonstrated the ability to perform their chosen roles. As I suspected and said beforehand, the final casting decisions came down to what the panel considered the best matchups in an ensemble piece.

Everyone who auditioned did so to a very high standard and I want to thank everybody for taking the time and making the effort.

I am very excited by this cast. That I am confident they will be good in their roles goes almost without saying, but I am also looking forward to seeing these actors work together and spark off each other. This is an excellent start.

David Greenwood

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