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Tickets now available for A Show In A Day

Putting on a show in a day - have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? Well, we are always up for a challenge

After Sunday's auditions, the good news is we have a great cast for "A Show in a Day" - the bad news (for the cast) is we still have no idea what we will be performing at 7.30 pm this Saturday on the stage at Haslemere Hall! We will find out at 7.30 pm this Friday - as will the guys doing props / lighting / sound / set and costumes.

Will it work? Will it be the best thing you've ever seen? Will it be a total disaster? Will the cast stay awake after rehearsing for 24 hours? The only way to find out is to buy a ticket and come and find out! Whatever happens it will be entertaining.

Tickets are a bargain £10; the bar will be open, and we will ask the Hall management to crank up the air con so what better way to spend a Saturday evening.

Please come along and let's explore this new experience together.

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