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What secret lies behind those doors?

These cast members from The Game's Afoot know something that we don't. Well, quite a few things actually but in this particular instance they know that a set is under construction. And not just any old set. Oh no! This is another Linnet Bird special.

Not content with co-directing this production, Linnet is also treating us to another of her spectacular designs. Those who were fortunate enough to see And Then There Were None or 84 Charing Cross Road will know they are in for a treat. So don't miss out. When those doors are thrown open this week, make sure you have your ticket and be ready to enjoy not only a plethora of fine performances but a visual treat too.

Shows are this coming Thursday 6 (7:30 pm), Friday 7 (7:30 pm) and Saturday 8 October (2.30 pm & 7.30pm). The Box Office is open now so click here to get your tickets

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