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Hay Fever: Meet the Cast 1

My name is…

Caroline Thompson

I am playing…

Myra Arundel

My first stage appearance was…

Aged six in a ballet show. I suddenly remembered that I had a big sticky sweet in my mouth so miserably held it in my small sticky hand for the duration. That and two twigs of cherry blossom. The most tortured looking cherry blossom fairy that ever danced the stage

I have been involved with the Thespians since…

Aladdin in 2018 where in a stuff-of-dreams moment I got to play Aladdin and emerge through Haslemere Hall's wonderful trap door...#bucketlist

Favourite part (before this one)…

I've loved every part for all the different personalities I get to briefly inhabit. But funny, outrageous and/or fractionally unhinged is always the most fun to play.

Most interesting place I’ve performed at…

Memories as a small child of bravely volunteering to go up on to the glorious, huge stage at The Bristol Hippodrome's annual pantomime. "And where have you come from today" asked the dame..."just there" I replied, pointing to the third row.

One thing you’d never guess about me

Can't swim underwater, might still learn.

About my character…

Hugely misunderstood Myra is an intelligent, insightful, self-empowered woman who voices the truest observations of all in this wonderful play about dysfunction.

Haslemere Thespians will be presenting Hay Fever by Noel Coward at Haslemere Hall on Thursday 5, Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October at 7:30 pm. To get your tickets call Haslemere Hall Box Office on 01428 642161 or click the following link

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