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PANTO 2024: Final places filled

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Following second auditions for the final principal parts, we are delighted to announce the following additions to the cast shown in bold below:

Perfidia – Sally Waghorn

Snow White – Caroline Thompson

Cinderella – Amy Bailey

Prince Charming (Snow) – Richard Ashton

Prince Charming (Cinderella) – Mike Byrne

Flash – Dan Bayley

Bang – Naomi Robertson

Princess Tallulah – Kusi Kimani

Gertie – Howard Bicknell

Jack – Kim Seymour

Prince Marvelous – Zac Rasulian

Adult Chorus:

Nathan Baseley, Debbie Bowyer, Rachel Chambers, Robyn Davies, Izzy Gammon, Jasper Gammon, Sophie Hegoty, Ana Ochoa Gomez, Tom Parrott, Charlotte Parrott, Adrian Stent, Yasmin Wright

Junior Chorus:

Amelie Baseley, Leon Baseley, Erin Beck, Hannah Chant, Alfie Corrigan, Kitty Corrigan, Rosie Gateshill, Ellie Holdaway, Connie Holt, George Jones, Iris Lefevre, Chloe Maston, Liv Sellers, Amelia Spear, Brendan Watt, Ruari Watt

Once Upon A Time will be performed on various dates and times between Friday 12 and Saturday 20 January 2024. Full details can be seen on the Upcoming Shows page then go to to get your tickets which are now on sale.

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